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Winter Skin Revival Tips

Winter can be a hard time when it comes to skin care – with the elements being particularly unkind, your skin can be prone to serious damage. Blustery winds, freezing rain and ice can give your skin a difficult time, leaving you chapped, red and raw, while central heating, fans and fires can really dry your skin out. So to find out how to look your best in winter, we check out the best ways to treat your skin to the perfect winter pamper.

Drink up

While you might not think winter weather is particularly dehydrating, the constant change in environments between the outdoors and indoors can leave your skin dryer than you know. You might not feel thirsty, but radiators and heaters in our homes, workplaces and cars all dry out moisture from the air – and your skin, leaving you with flaky, red and dry skin.

Top up regularly with warm fluids to keep your skin’s natural moisture – go for fruit teas and soups to keep you warm and well hydrated. Add fresh juices for a refreshing winter kick and boost your nutrient intake to give your skin a healthy glow. Add a humidifier to your home or workplace to combat the dry air around you with some much-needed moisture.

A natural pamper

When your skin in raw and dry in the colder months, it’s tempting to go for rich, indulgent lotions and creams. But though they might feel luxurious, heavy creams often do little good for your skin, and can leave you feeling greasy and clammy.

Go gentle on your skin and opt for natural-based products that your skin can absorb easily, keeping it sot and supple all through winter. Indulge your skin with soothing natural moisturizers than help it to retain moisture – body oils like avocado and almond make a perfect post-shower oil-over pamper, while natural butters like cocoa butter and shea butter keep hands silky soft.

Take it easy on the soaks

While a long, hot soak in the tub might seem like the perfect antidote to a cold and wet winter day, over-hot baths can do you more harm than good. Hot water can actually damage the surface of the skin, making it more dry and cause inflammation and redness.

Instead keep baths and showers short, but treat yourself to warm soaks in soothing bath milks like oat milk or baking soda, and gentle exfoliators to slough off dead skin cells. Avoid bath products with a heavy alcohol or perfume content and use gentle cleansers instead to keep your pores clear and open.

Don’t forget the sun

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean it’s time to forget the sunscreen. Whether you’re staying at home or enjoying a winter holiday on the slopes, the bright winter sun on a cold, crispy day can be just as harmful as summer. Banish harmful UV rays and protect your skin from the signs of aging by staying faithful to sun protection – on your face and everywhere else.

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