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Dawn Hill, Owner of Beach Foot Jewelry

Welcome to Beach Foot Jewelry!

Hello, my name is Dawn Hill and I would like to welcome you, not only to an opportunity to express yourself using my jewelry, but to a chance to understand how and why I embarked on this project. My story is probably very much like most brides, in that I wanted the perfect fairytale wedding, for me that fairytale came true and I came to make a business from it.

I am a jewelry designer with a difference. I make items brides would wear in places where footwear may not be ideal. Think of the sand, poolside or in the water. Anywhere brides would want their feet and hands to look beautiful.

I came up with the idea as I prepared for my beach wedding. How could I look elegant, beautiful and “dressed up” if the best I could wear on my feet was a pair of flip-flops or flat sandals? I searched everywhere for a suitable alternative and finally came to the conclusion that I needed to design my own and my concept of Barefoot Sandals was born.

Ever since I was a child I have loved designing and making jewelry. In fact you could say that it is my passion and one which I never imagined could become my career. However, here I am, doing what I love. Enjoy browsing my website and if you have any questions or would like something custom, please contact.

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Dawn Hill
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